We’re not asking for money; we’re asking for your organizational endorsement of the concept and your willingness to share information about our campaign and how we can help to promote your own efforts toward beauty, sustainability, health, and justice.  I encourage you to visit our advisors/endorsers page to see who is supporting this campaign and how broad our support is.

Specifically, we’re looking for partner organizations engaged in any of these activities:

·       Local food production and sustainable agriculture

·       Landscape architecture and city beautification

·       Transportation and mobility

·       Environmental stewardship, restoration and justice

·       Public art

·       Community engagement

·       Parks, recreation and leisure

·       Health and wellness

·       Rural revitalization

·       Land preservation and acquisition

·       Children and nature

·       Access to beauty for diverse populations

·       Cultural and historical preservation

·       Urban farming

Beauty is an umbrella for health, recreation, community building, protection of nature, sustainability and justice.  It opens the door to wider conversations.

We’re interested in promoting your story and what you do to a wide audience.  We’re looking for examples of the thousands of everyday activities that are helping a create a more beautiful, more sustainable America.  We’re aware that much of the beauty we share and many of the protections and supports we’ve won over the years, including the national Land and Water Conservation Fund are under threat as never before, and we believe a new focus on beauty can create powerful bi-partisan support for a recommitment to the goals of County Life, City Beautiful and the Johnson beautification campaign.  Please join us.

I’d be delighted to answer any questions you have about how this partnership can work in practice and how it can help you in your work.  Please email me at jodg@comcast.net

Thanks so much!

John de Graaf, co-founder and outreach director, AND BEAUTY FOR ALL