Advisors & Endorsers —organizations listed for identification purposes only

Richard Ackley—Bad River Chippewa Tribe, Wisconsin

Lynn Anderson, professor of recreation, SUNY-Cortland

Cecile Andrews—author, community organizer, Seattle

Kevin Armitage, Miami University of Ohio, author of The Nature Study Movement

Alan AtKisson—author, sustainability consultant, former director, The Earth Charter

Teresa Baker—director of African-American Nature and Parks Experience, Martinez, CA

David Batker—ecosystem services specialist, Earth Economics, Tacoma, WA

Josh Baur—sustainability team, San Jose State University

Anita Bhappu—School of Management, University of California, Merced

Bob Blanchard—former president, Colorado Planning Association

Kenan Block—PR professional, former producer PBS NewsHour

Frank Boyle—former Wisconsin State Assemblyman, Superior, WI

Harry Boyte—author, Augsburg College, Minneapolis, MN, co-founder American Democracy Project

Tara Bracco—director, Poetic People Power, New York City

James Bradbury—physicist, Santa Fe, NM

Barbara Brower—professor of geography, Portland State University

Marvin Brown—philosopher/theologian, Berkeley, CA

Randy Burtz—professor of community recreation, Western Washington University

Tom Butler—vice president of Tompkins Conservation Foundation, VT

J. Baird Callicott—environmental historian, Memphis, TN

David Campbell—dean, UC Davis College of Agriculture

Hannah Clark—executive director, Washington Association of Land Trusts

Anthony Cortese— founder, Second Nature, former director Massachusetts EPA, Boston, MA

Laurence Cotton—historian and interpreter, Co-Producer PBS Biography of Fredrick Law Olmstead, Portland

David Crockett—Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina

Greg Davis—television photographer and editor, Seattle

Alison Deming—poet, University of Arizona, Tucson

Daniel Desmond—cattle rancher, Lake County, CA

Karin de Weille—writer, performance artist, Seattle

Jim Diers—former Director of Neighborhoods, City of Seattle

Rob Dietz—Post-Carbon Institute, Corvallis, OR

Steve Dunsky—Visions of the Wild, Vallejo, CA

Larry Fahn—former president, The Sierra Club, Mill Valley, CA

Isa Fernandez, administrator, Edwards Aquifer, San Antonio, TX

Betty Sue Flowers—former director, Lyndon Johnson Presidential Library

Peter Forbes—former director, Trust for Public Land, director, Knoll Farm, VT

Eric Freyfogle—author and professor of law emeritus, University of Illinois

Jane Fuller—elementary school teacher, Pasadena, CA

Julie Gabrielli—architect and professor of architecture, University of Maryland

Jennifer Galvin—director of programs, Henry David Thoreau Foundation, Boston

Sharla Gardner—former member, Duluth (MN) City Council

Linda Gass—visual artist, Palo Alto, CA

Albert George—director of conservation, South Carolina aquarium

Jennifer Hartle—professor of public health, San Jose State University

John Hausdoerffer—professor of environmental studies, Western Colorado State University

Dan Haybron—philosopher, St. Louis University

Rose Hayden-Smith—agricultural historian, Ventura, CA

Cylvia Hayes—energy consultant, former First Lady of Oregon

Roger Hicks—physician, Nevada City, CA

Richard Hobbs—founder of Human Agenda, immigration attorney, San Jose, CA

Joan Hoffman—painter, leader, Vermont Sierra Club

Eli Ilano—supervisor, Tahoe National Forest, Nevada City, CA

Huey Johnson—former Secretary of Resources, State of California

Shelton Johnson—ranger, Yosemite National Park

Daniel Kemmis—former speaker, Montana House of Representatives

John Kitzhaber—emergency room physician and former three-term governor of Oregon

Charles Lane—real estate developer, Charleston, SC

Peggy Lauer—Marisla Foundation, Laguna Beach, CA

Nick Licata—former president, Seattle City Council

Sandra Lubarsky—professor emeritus, Northern Arizona University

Francesca Lyman—environmental writer, Seattle

Robert Manning, Professor Emeritus, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, University of Vermont

Melissa Marteny—former press photographer, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Bill McKibben—founder,, Middlebury, VT

Craig McNamara—president, CA Board of Agriculture, Winters, CA

Curt Meine—biographer of Aldo Leopold, University of Wisconsin

Thea Mercouffer—filmmaker, Los Angeles

Melinda Messineo, assistant provost, Ball State University, Indiana

Maureen Moffitt, professor of social work, Central Missouri University

Kathleen Dean Moore—author and philosopher, Oregon State University

Laurie Heckathorn Morgan—director of health services, San Jose State University

Luis Saul Moscoso—community and labor organizer, former State Representative, WA

Laura Musikanski—executive director, The Happiness Alliance, Seattle

Cathy O’Keefe—professor emeritus, University of South Alabama

Madeline Ostrander—journalist, Seattle

Patsy Eubanks Owens, professor and vice-chair, Human Ecology and Landscape Architecture, UC Davis

Tim Palmer, photographer and author (including Wild and Scenic Rivers: an American Legacy), OR

Carolyn Parrs—board member, Santa Fe Green Chamber of Commerce, green marketing professional

Devon Pena—anthropologist, president of The Acequia Institute, CO

Audrey Peterman—Legacy on the Land—Miami, FL

David Phillips—executive director, Earth Island Institute

Nicole Ricketts—environmental educator, Mountain View, CA

Vicki Robin—best-selling author, Whidbey Island, WA

Joe Robinson—author and former travel editor, Santa Monica, CA

Steven Rockefeller—professor emeritus, Middlebury College, VT

Ritzy Ryciak—writer and brand strategist, Seattle

Bob Sampayan—mayor of Vallejo, CA

Scott Russell Sanders, author and professor emeritus, Indiana University

Reinette Senum—Nevada City, CA city council

Steve Shackelton—former assistant director, National Park Service, Merced, CA

Melodye Shore—author, marketing professional, Laguna Niguel, CA

Jordan Fisher Smith—author, Nevada City, CA

Sara Southerland, Farm and Food Manager, Sustainable Connections, Bellingham, WA

Gus Speth—former dean, Yale School of the Environment and Forestry, founder, NRDC

Debora Stinson—mayor of Port Townsend, WA

Charles Sylvester—professor emeritus, Western Washington University

Mitchell Thomashow—president emeritus, Unity College, Maine

Gerald Torres—former Undersecretary of the Interior, Cornell University professor of law

Mary Evelyn Tucker—philosopher/theologian, Yale University

Wanda Urbanska, author, PBS host, Raleigh, NC

Gavin Van Horn—Center for Humans and Nature, Chicago, IL

Jay Walljasper—former editor, Utne Reader, Minneapolis

Dave Wann—author, environmental scientist, Golden, CO

Jennifer Warren—physician, Portsmouth, NH

Julianne Warren—author, ecologist, community organizer, AK and NY

Bryan Welch, former editor and publisher, MOTHER EARTH NEWS, Kansas

Judy Wicks—founder, Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, Philadelphia, PA

Bob Wilkinson—professor of environmental studies, UC, Santa Barbara

Brooke Williams—author, Jackson, WY

Edward O. Wilson—biologist, professor emeritus, Harvard University

Peter A. Witt, Professor Emeritus, Youth Development, Texas A&M University

George Wolfe—Los Angeles River Expeditions

Donald Worster—biographer of John Muir, Corvallis, OR

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