We welcome all who share the dream of a beautiful and fair America and commit to diversity in leadership and decision-making.

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We envision a new America that stands again as a beacon to all people.

Those who would not live without beauty must join in a tireless effort to bring it into being.
— President Lyndon Johnson

In practical terms, we stand for such ideas as:

  • Revitalized rural communities and small farms
  • National service in restoration and conservation, including a large-scale campaign to restore the mountaintops of Appalachia
  • A priority for our poorest and least-served communities
  • A new focus on providing parks and green space for a growing population
  • Sustainable agriculture, including large urban farms
  • Cooperative economic development and support for small businesses
  • Human-friendly urban and suburban redesign
  • Training young people to be sustainable, small-scale farmers and gardeners
  • Partnerships with land grant universities, institutes and new research centers
  • Additional hiking trails and bikeways with affordable campgrounds
  • Supporting artists to help beautify urban areas and small towns

Our cause is as moral as it is practical. We reject the cynical notion that public institutions and public officials are hopelessly inefficient and corrupt and seek to re-energize democracy and idealism.

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